An athlete’s body must be a highly tuned, well-functioning machine and the training mentality of elite and high-performance athletes is something that needs to be adopted by corporate. As every sport requires complex coordination of mind and body, the discipline followed by sports persons is worth being modeled by the corporate world to generate corporate athletes.

Extensive research has confirmed that sustaining high performance and achievement requires all dimensions – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical working together synergistically and not just intellectual capabilities. Human beings are complex energy systems.

All four dimensions are critical, none is sufficient by itself and each profoundly influences the others. To perform at your best, you must skilfully manage each of these interconnected dimensions. If any one of them functions below par, your capacity to fully ignite your talent gets diminished. With lack of the right quantity (physical energy), quality (emotional fitness), focus (mental strength) and force (spiritual vitality), you are compromised in any activity you undertake.

How you take care of your body or fail to take care of it, can make an enormous difference to the quality of your personal and professional life. If you want to stay healthy for life, you need to take care of yourself. Health is maintained and improved through the efforts and lifestyle choices of individuals and society.

By creating an environment in which making healthy lifestyle choices is easy, natural and enjoyable, you are able to maintain your health. You must determine to exercise to be fit, eat to nourish your body, take sufficient rest and adequate sleep for renewal. To operate at your best, you must give your body the fuel (in the form of food, water and oxygen) it needs.

To perform at your best, you must exercise your brain to sustain concentration, and control your focus. You can challenge your brain by doing old routines in new ways, engaging in any type of brain-teasers, learning a new skill and so on. This way you can protect your brain against age-related mental decline.

Give your brain a lot to work with, create a rich pool of information to draw upon. Expose your brain to diverse experiences and situations. As the mind and body are so inextricably connected, even moderate physical exercise can increase the cognitive capacity. It does so simply by driving more blood and oxygen to the brain.

The worthy training and coaching firms provide unique tools and perspectives to help their clients to bring their talents and skills to full ignition to perform their job at the highest level possible while maintaining maximal health and happiness.

Using powerful and innovative methods, they support them in such a way that they not only thrive in crises and high pressure situations but also emerge stronger, healthier and ardent for the next challenge. Moreover they teach them to create the additional energy they need to maximize their performance in their professional and personal lives.

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