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Unleash your Inner Superstar with Preeti Subberwal
Two Decades of Industry Experience

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Preeti Subberwal is an Executive Presence Coach, a Master Trainer and an author of 5 books.

 Do you want to connect with the hearts & minds of your clients?
 Do you want to build a tribe of fans & followers?
 Do you want to be influential like celebrities & business leaders?
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A Message from Preeti

Hi, I am Preeti Subberwal, a caring catalyst with compassionate commitment for growing teams and dreams. My vision is to create a world where people are inwardly fulfilled and outwardly successful.

I am on a pursuit to help business owners, working professionals and entrepreneurs grow their influence, impact and income exponentially.
As long as I remember, I was in the awe of the influencers who have delivered impassioned speeches, presentations and TED Talks. My mind is always figuring out why some leaders failed to inspire their teams, while others could persuade people to walk through walls. Along the way, I became a person for whom all these questions of presence and power, confidence and competence, took on a great deal of significance.

To demystify this elusive trait and reveal what is “presence” and what is not, is the quest, I have embarked upon.

In last ten years, I have accessed every resource to unlock the secrets of world’s greatest thought leaders, speakers and presenters. And with the solid foundation of Meta-NLP, Neuroscience and Neuroleadership, I have been able to model excellence and integrate the strategies and approaches of powerful presenters and A-list celebrities into my Power Presence program. I empower leaders to unleash their inner superstar to instantly influence, powerfully present and effectively engage.

By transforming your presence, you influence others to follow you, trust you and do business with you. So whether it’s a job interview, sales pitch or boardroom presentation, Power Presence will make you the star of the moment. My mission is to make some game-changing tools within every seeker’s reach.

Executive Presence Coach - Preeti Subberwal
  • Two decades of Industry Experience
  • Has impacted 12K+ people in 30+ industries
  • Author of 5 Books, International Author @Hay House
  • NLP Master Practitioner, ICF-PCC in Making, Certified Master Spirit Life Coach
  • Trained in Theta Healing, Reiki, EFT and Pranic Healing.
  • Mrs India Charity 2017
  • At the core – a spiritualist, an avid reader, a fitness enthusiast and a gifted musician
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Want more income, influence and Impact? Enhance Executive Presence!
Want more income, influence and Impact? Enhance Executive Presence!

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Happy Clients

Preeti is a sought after coach and trainer who has established herself as an expert in her domain through selfless service and candid contribution. Her extensive experience in trainings is evident in her delivery style. She is very bright and talented in this domain. Her empathetic nature makes her understand and connect with each and every participant deeply and impart more effective trainings. I really admire Preeti for her genuineness and exceptional competencies!

Nimisha Singh

Nimisha Singh

Engineering Program Manager, Google

Preeti Subberwal is a high potential trainer and influencer. She has delivered some brilliant presentations on Holistic Wellness and Virtual Presentation Skills for some forums that I am spearheading including FMA, FIA and others. The thoroughness in her preparation and passion in her delivery is really commendable. I would certainly recommend her for training and coaching services to organisations, professional bodies and individuals.

Abhay Kapoor

Abhay Kapoor

Group HR Head, Somany Impresa Group

I have been associated with Preeti for more than a year now. She has given trainings and coaching in our company. We have received very good feedback for her training. She connects to the people very fast. They have benefitted a lot from her coaching. The changes that people have undergone were amazing.

Monika Lal

Monika Lal

Quality Head, Infozech Software Pvt Ltd

I knew Preeti as a professional colleague at Comviva and was impressed when she decided to take her career in the direction of training and development. As a trainer, she worked with employees across the board to help them develop their self-awareness and their ability to improve their performance, largely with NLP techniques. Her sessions were fun, informative and empowering.

Andrea Stone

Andrea Stone

Leadership and Team Coach, Global Tech

Preeti is another name for re-invention. She continually innovates her offerings & keeps her updated with the industry trends. Her subject knowledge & commitment to quality is commendable. A great person to work with, She holds several years of experience in delivering training programs for corporates as well as SMEs. At Tap-DC, she’s our preferred faculty-on-panel for Leadership Development Programs. Preeti can be trusted to do justice with any engagement she signs up for.

Charu Smita Malhotra

Charu Smita Malhotra