Preeti as a Transformational Coach
Preeti's innate talent as a Life Coach and her considerate approach makes her an easy person to open up to. She will stand by your side in your journey toward self-discovery and enhancement, providing expert and compassionate advice along the way. She is inspired to skillfully bring out the best in an individual through a structured yet realistic and flexible coaching methodology.

As a Transformational Coach, she focusses on generating a paradigm shift at the level of identity and beliefs in her clients and brings about an awakening to their life's purpose. By helping a person to gain profound insights to create a more enriched and awakened way of life, she becomes a catalyst to facilitate their rejuvenation and reinvention. Through the process of transformational coaching, she assists her clients in moving out of their comfort zones, deepening their learning, improving their performance, overcoming specific challenges, taking higher level of ownership and responsibility, being committed to taking effective action consistently thus enhancing their quality of life.

She has collaboratively worked with her clients to help them achieve their goals like - raising their self-esteem, breaking them free from bad habits, reaching optimal weight, controlling cravings, eliminating sleep disorders, reducing stress and anxieties, managing their time and energy well enabling them to achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. She strives to make her clients achieve a higher level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

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