The Inspire Model
The results of my extensive research on effective coaching suggests that experienced coaches, although flexible and interactive, follow a structured systematic approach. I have identified a seven-step process that forms the foundation of my Inspire Coaching Model.

I   Inquiry and investigation to assess the current situation to identify the interferences that are blocking the client's progress or becoming a source of his problems.

N   Understanding of needs and wants, beliefs and values of the clients to nurture what is valuable and cut out the rest.

S   Providing support to give the clients a safe space to explore and raise their self-awareness and self-reflection. Giving them an understanding of the strategies of success, and how they can set specific goals aligned to his values.

P   Helping the clients to discover their purpose and passion so that they can unleash their potential and accelerate their progress.

I   Influencing the client with integrity and providing them insights so that the right sense of identity, beliefs and values can be instilled.

R   Making them take the responsibility by helping them improve their relationship with themselves, and supporting them to build resilience.

E   Establishing a sense of urgency by creating the right emotional environment with empowering questions thus encouraging momentum required for their growth. Helping the clients enrich their lives by making them commit to excellence and continuous improvement.

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