Elevated Thoughts

How does our mind get programmed and can we reprogram our mind?

Unconsciously, we continually affirm with our words and thoughts certain perspectives and viewpoints with so much certainty they become a part of our belief system. This is the way our mind gets programmed and we create our life experience in every moment. Our learned responses and thought patterns enable us to automatically respond to circumstances quickly and easily and this is essential to our survival. Our inner truths are nothing but learned thought patterns that are result of our conditioning. Many of them work well for us, but others may now be sabotaging us from achieving what we believe we want.

"Any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the subconscious minds is, finally, accepted and acted upon by the subconscious mind,"
-Napoleon Hill

We are often imprisoned by the chains of our thoughts and we allow ourselves to think ourselves into problems. The sad part is that most of our programming is done by us unconsciously or has been thrust upon us. We tend to forget that being humans, we are empowered to choose how we run our mind by developing new mental habits. And achieving personal freedom is all about developing new habits and skills to run our own mind more effectively.

What are elevated thoughts?

Elevated thoughts are not merely positive thoughts; they are spirituality based positive thoughts with a propensity to give rise to a magnificent life-force. They have such a high degree of positivity, joy and fulfilment in them that by affirming them, our life condition is immediately elevated.

You can choose to think and project pure elevated thoughts. The more you can consciously inject the spirit of being one with your higher self into your daily thoughts and words, the quicker they will work for you. When you are connected with your higher self, your elevated thoughts give rise to your elevated state of mind. Such an elevated state directs your behaviour appropriately to make you achieve the desired results in your life.

Can we really reprogram our mind with elevated thoughts? If yes, then how quickly?

No matter, what aspect of life you want to work upon or change, affirming elevated thoughts will not only make you feel better about yourself and your life but also can be a great help in manifesting your desires. By targeting a specific set of negative pattern, you can challenge and undermine negative beliefs and substitute them with positive self-empowering beliefs.

How quickly you can reprogram your mind depends on various factors like the issue you are dealing with; how deeply the negative belief has been held; how determined you are to make the required changes in your life. It all boils down to the openness with which you embrace the change and not really a question of time. When you experience a sense of joy and well-being while speaking out any elevated thought, you generate the right emotions that make your subconscious install it as a belief in your mind.

How do elevated thoughts work?

By choosing to affirm elevated thoughts, you raise your awareness about your thoughts and words in everyday life. They act as a vehicle to challenge those negative beliefs and start to stem the flow of negative thoughts and words that seek to validate them.

Elevated thoughts have the power to change the way you think and eradicate the old negative beliefs that have sabotaged you time and again throughout your life. They can reprogram your mind to help you achieve the life you've always wanted for yourself.

Continually repeating the elevated thoughts with conviction and passion will eliminate even the strongest resistance. Once the resistance is diminished, your subconscious is able to re-examine the core belief and patterns that are not serving you anymore.

Believe in the incredible power of words and make them work for you!

How can we ensure that we are using elevated thoughts correctly?

Some pointers on using elevated thoughts correctly:

  • Speak in present tense, it makes your mind believe that you have already accomplished the goal and you'll feel the same.
  • Make your verbal affirmation visual by writing it on index cards and pasting them on various places around yourself.
  • If you state these while looking at yourself straight in your eye in the mirror, you accentuate the importance of the message that you are
       conveying to your subconscious mind.
  • Speak out with passion and conviction. The more you feel what you are saying, the more effectively they will work for you.
       You can also sing or chant these elevated thoughts.

"Thoughts which a man deliberately places in his own mind, which he mixes any one or more of the emotions, constitute the motivating forces, which direct and control his every movement, act, and deed."
-Napoleon Hill

Collection of Elevated thoughts covering all the aspects of our life

I present here my collection of pure elevated thoughts:

For Loving yourself Passionately
  • "I am a beautiful representation of the universe, individualized, and articulated in the way I look, dress, act and feel."
  • "The beauty, splendor and creativity of higher power expresses confidently through me at all times."
  • "I am a beautiful being, inside and out."
  • "I accept my uniqueness and love who I am and am at peace with myself."
  • "I really admire myself and find a friend in me."
  • "I have learnt to be kind and loving with myself."
  • "My confidence, energy and enthusiasm are increasing with ease."
  • "When I speak, the tone of my voice communicates strength, courage and confidence."
  • "I am an expression of the infinite intelligence and I choose to nourish my mind, body and soul."

For Being One with your Higher Self
  • "My mind and body relax thoroughly as I enter a state of oneness with my higher universal mind which is the real power behind all      manifestations."
  • "I identify completely with my higher self, being one with infinite wisdom each and every moment of my life."
  • "As I am one with my higher mind, my every incantation now passes directly to the universal mind."
  • "My every elevated thought is given creative power by the power of almighty for its materialization and manifestation."
  • "My conscious mind is guided by the mystical power of my higher mind each day by loving and embracing its presence with in me."
  • "All channels of my mind are open to every new opportunity for increased prosperity, creativity and healing through the infinite intelligence      within me."
  • "Every elevated thought that brings success and prosperity, originates at a deeper level of mind and brings me closer to the presence of      higher power within me."

For Perfect Health and Healing
  • "I am now attuned to the perfect harmony of nature and the infinite intelligence within my body."
  • "All nerves, cells, tissues and organs of my body are reborn to health and perfection with the power of higher mind within me."
  • "The cause behind any physical ailment is eliminated from all levels of my mind by the higher power within me."
  • "My pure elevated thoughts are creating the body, I desire."
  • "All the cells in my body exist in peace with every other cell of my body."
  • "Every cell in my body vibrates with health and vitality."
  • "I am lean, fat burning, muscle building machine."
  • "I choose to make healthy lifestyle choices for myself. "
  • "My body is beautiful, and it is becoming more beautiful each day."
  • "The higher power within me is greater than the power of any food cravings and I choose to eat moderately with ease."
  • "I love to care of my body and it responds with an abundance of energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being."
  • "Whenever I see a healthy person, I visualize myself as having the same kind of health."
  • "I sleep in peace and wake in joy. Through peaceful sleep, my body and mind are renewed and restored to perfect health."
  • "When I sleep, the healing powers within my body are magnified."
  • "I am calm and composed most of the time and such a state enables my body to heal and repair easily and quickly."
  • "My body eliminates all toxins quickly, easily and healthfully."
  • "Every hand that touches me is a healing hand."
  • "I now receive the treatment I need in the perfect place, time and way for me."

For Peace and Harmonious Relationships
  • "In oneness with the eternal peace of higher power within me, my entire being is composed and at peace."
  • "I trust in the process of life and I am at peace."
  • "I live in peace each day, knowing that the source of my happiness is the higher power working through me and directing me.
  • "I like being in touch with my own needs and desires and choose happiness."
  • "I release the need to please others and know that I have a right to all my feelings and emotions."
  • "I now choose thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving and positive way."\
  • "I choose joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life. "
  • "Every elevated thought opens my mind more and more to the awareness of my spiritual being and the presence of universal mind within      me."
  • "I am able to build relationships that are harmonious and uplifting."
  • "I am sensitive and responsive to the feelings of others, and in so doing, attract the right people in my environment."

For Abundance and Prosperity
  • "I deserve the best being one with the spiritual richness of my true nature."
  • "I pay my bills with ease being attuned to the abundant prosperity and infinite source of supply."
  • "I am open to the gifts of the universe and abundance flows freely through me."
  • "I am intuitively guided by my higher mind to be in the right place at the right time with the right person and attract all that I need for my      prosperity."
  • "I am already prosperous in the presence of higher power in me and this prosperity is beginning to materialize around me."
  • "I radiate out vibrations of prosperity and well-being by sharing the wealth of universal abundance each day."
  • "Whenever I see a prosperous person, I visualize myself as a prosperous person."
  • "Whenever I see anything I might want to own, I visualize myself as having the money to buy it, buying and enjoying it."
  • " I am becoming more prosperous every day, in every way, "

For Success
  • "My correct thinking sets the stage in my higher mind for creating the right results in my life."
  • "Whatever good I believe in my mind, is brought into manifestation in my higher mind, and thus into the physical reality."
  • "There is a huge demand for my particular skills and abilities."
  • "My work is enjoyable and fulfilling, and I am appreciated."
  • "I earn good money doing what I enjoy."
  • "Wonderful new opportunities are opening up for me to use my unique talents, creative skills and abilities."
  • "I am able to complete everything whatever I plan for the day."
  • "I have many completions and accomplishments daily and I celebrate and rejoice each one of them."
  • "I can become successful at whatever I choose to do."
  • "I delegate effectively to other people the tasks that do not require my direct attention and focus."
  • "My higher mind fills me with creative ideas each and every day that I can use for constant improvement in my life."

For Releasing Negativities
  • "In oneness with the ever-perfecting laws of the Universe, I release past negativity and put all my energies in creating a positive future."
  • "Failure is a thing of the past, while winning is the reality of the present and future."
  • "In the healing power of the higher mind within me, I release all sense of tension and anxiety from my body and my mind to live each day      more perfectly."
  • "Having faith in the guidance of the higher power of my universal mind, I release all fear and doubts to achieve success and happiness."
  • "I release all sense of hostility toward anyone, producing a state of harmonious living within my higher mind."
  • "I release my mind, body, soul and spirit into the renewing power of my higher mind."

For Coping in Difficult Times
  • "I accept that the so-called difficulties in my life are but a transitional phase leading to greater good and happiness in my life."
  • "I am confident about my future, regardless of what is occurring at this moment, for I know my higher mind directs my life in the right      direction always."
  • "My conscious mind is open to receive divine guidance from my higher mind for bringing up greater positivity in my life."
  • "Every time I affirm the elevated thoughts, I experience peace and spiritual regeneration that help me to cope better in my current      situation."
  • "As a result of what I am now going through, I have complete faith that my future will be even better."

For Anytime in the Day
  • "I regard every moment as an opportunity to put my inspiration into action and realization."
  • "Today, in everything I do, I will be open to receive the divine guidance to do it better than I have done before."
  • "I am grateful for all the wonderful things I already have in my life and for those that are yet to come"
  • "I express my gratitude every moment, I have appreciation for everything I have."
  • "No matter where I am, I always project a white protective aura of pure divine light around myself."
  • "I am always prepared to face the next day with vigor and clarity."
  • "Each moment of each day, I visualize myself as a person who thinks, acts, and feels, as a person with a wonderful life."
  • "I take deep breaths and relax whenever and wherever possible."
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